Download Planets application

The Planets application / applet is written in Java (version 1.1.x or higher). It can run as an applet in a browser that supports Java (like Netscape), or as a stand-alone java program if you have a Java runtime system installed on your machine (freely downloadable for Solaris, Linux, Windows at The Java classes come as a package named planets and are contained in a jar file panets/Planets.jar.

The different data sets you can choose and run (like "Inner Planets") are loaded from a file named planets/ when the program starts.

You are welcome to use, copy and change it as long as you obey the licence. For details see COPYING or the program's License menue.

By downloading and running Planets on your local system you have the following advantages:

Files contained in the download

Installing the Planets application on a Unix system

Make sure you have a java runtime system of at least version 1.1.x ( try "java -version"). Download into an installation directory of your choice and unzip it. It will create the above files. You can start Planets from the installation directory using


To start from any other directory edit Change the line




by substituting the path name as shown by the pwd command manually. You also may want to include the installation directory in your PATH:

export PATH

Now you can call from anywhere. You also may want to set your local longitude and latitude, your directory to save and load data sets and other properties by editing file planets/properties. See the comments in the file.

Download zip file (152 KB)

If you want to obtain the source send me an e-mail (

If you have problems, e-mail me at


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