Planetary System Animation

This program is protected by the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (Author Michael Mueller, e-mail You are welcome to use, copy and change it as long as you obey the licence. For details see COPYING or the program's License menue.

It calculates and shows the movement of our planetary system in space. It is based on Newton's gravitational law. A Runge Kutta algorithm is used to numerically integrate the problem's differential equations.

Choose a data set (like "Inner Planers", the default) and click start.

Data sets starting from "Inner Planers" up to "Sun's Movement" use realistic data of the sun and the nine major planets, obtained from the Astronomical Almanach 1997. You can let them run up to any stop date and look at that date's constellation. Some of them show the local sky and require that you enter your longitude, latitide and time zone difference. The other data sets are all fiction, but move according to real physical laws. You also can create your own data sets and let them run.


Restart Planets

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